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Internet Marketing Speed Service -

Internet Marketing Services Are All About High Speed


internet speed serviceMarketing campaigns on the Internet aim to provide the best service in the shortest period of time.  This has changed the way marketers interact with customers.  The  nature of these online businesses makes it necessary to set as many successful transactions as possible in order to be profitable.  People expect information, benefits, products and services immediately. Tolerance grows really thin when someone has to wait in line, let alone when someone has to wait more than a few seconds for a page to download.

Traditional Marketing vs. the Internet 101:  Customer service means two completely different things within these two marketing media.  While it is true that both make a strong emphasis on added values, traditional marketing takes a bigger chunk of time to secure the sale and solve the prospect’s questions.  It was a strenuous process of ego massaging, customer-pampering and uncertain results.  Sure, marketing is far from being an exact science, but we have all heard sad stories about salesmen who were pathologically unable to close a deal.  Always this close to make that sale but never there.  So, how does this change for Internet marketing agencies?

The answer relies in just one word:  Speed.

People visit sites because they expect to get information, products and services.  Pretty much the same reasons they have to read newspaper ads or contact a call center.  However, as technology evolved, connections got bigger bandwidth and Internet protocols became more effective, the web became a channel for several media, able to provide data in a way that surpassed traditional media capabilities.  Security utilities and the common effort of many industries allowed companies not only to advertise online but to actually make conversions and businesses through their sites.  A fast, safe channel spread worldwide became the fastest alternative.

Besides, try to remember the last time you called a company and you were put on hold.  The electonic rendition of Scott Joplin’s “The Entertainer” is what nightmares are made of…

We need the former channels of communication to deliver and receive products, but transactions can be made in the blink of an eye.  You can’t afford losing time.  Whatever you’re selling, people wants it fast and wants it now.  So always keep in mind that

  • You need a fast site.  If your homepage takes ages to download, if graphics are heavy, if browsing through is is a long, tedious endeavor you will lose deals.  Having a slow site is the equivalent of having a stuttering waiter with a shaky pulse at a restaurant
  • Be concise.  It’s been constantly enforced in this blog, but it will never be enough.  Display the information you want your customers to get first in a clear, to-the-point, visually appealing way.  Remember to emphasize what you can do for them instead of blowing your own horn and spend endless paragraphs about how awesome your site is.
  • Have a clear call-to-action.  This is critical.  There’s no use in making the most brilliant offer ever if your prospects cannot reach you.  If you want them to call you, make your phone number as visible as possible and don’t forget to include area codes if necessary.  If you want them to email you or to fill a form, make sure the links are visible.
  • Don’t forget to always check and debug the source of your site so you can keep it organized and free of superfluous elements.  Good practices can speed things up.  Remember: a web page is a tool and it has to be maintained as good as possible.

Hopefully these tips will help you beat the clock.  It doesn’t matter if you are reaching your customers through traditional or the web.  Always remember to surpass their expectations and, if they want it fast, be even faster.

Don’t forget to contact us.  We can be your Internet marketing department.

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