The Future of Online Marketing


the future of internetIt’s the end.  Pack your things and turn off the lights: 2009 is soon to be over.  We will wake up in a new decade as we mock the silly hairdos and trends of this one.  Game over.  Thanks for playing.  So long, suckers.

We still don’t have flying cars nor vacations on the Moon.  Technology went back and forth in this decade.  There were sad moments that made us recoil and wonder about the worth of other people’s lives; there were moments of joy on which we felt closer to others.

It was quite a decade.  How’s it going to be for us marketers as soon as the countdown finishes?

What is going to determine the Future of Marketing?

The short answer:  Web 3.0

A longer answer:  The new web protocols strive for the ultimate custom navigation experience.  Data bases will not only hold personal information but other data about our navigation tendencies, habits, queries and interests provided by our sole actions.

In a few years, people will expect to have personalized navigation.  Information will be within the web (a “semantic web” where  every meaning and definition is stated in order for machines to respond in a more accurate way).

It’s already here, so we better get ready.  Things will change.

How is Online Marketing going to change?

  • People will definitely expect faster online services (so you better have an effective conversion form on your website)
  • Everyone will expect more added value to the websites (cover those bases by adding interaction channels such as forums, chatrooms and newsletter services to your websites)
  • Custom navigation experiences will be key (So you better offer your clients a means to create a personal experience and keep track of what subscribers - if you have them - do within your site)
  • Companies will have to get down of their pedestal and level with their customers.
  • Technology will make web design cheaper, so whatever added value you can offer, whatever service and post-sales followup will be crucial in order to build up long-lasting commercial relationships
  • The focus of SEO contents will be PR, mostly (if you don’t know what these words mean, you are really going to keep on reading this blog…)

The past of the future, today!

If, after reading all this, you feel a bit left out or obsolete, cheer up.  Marketing, even online marketing,  will always be about surpassing the expectations of your customers.  All these advances will create ways to benefit you (not only as a marketer but also as a customer… don’t forget: we’re not that different) and its just a matter of watching and taking note.

What are your customers doing?  What are they using to do it?

How are you going to top all that?

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