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Take your Internet business to the next level. We are an expert internet marketing agency. We have a team of natural search engine optimization experts that will place your site on the top results of all major search engines, above all your competitors. We promote and position web sites that give real results.

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The process of establishing a profitable business in Internet starts by trusting your site to a professional web design agency. We have the best web design team that will not only deliver a clean and attractive template, but will also get great ranking. Our web design publicity will give you visually attractive sites that will turn into more visitors and clients.

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Investing in a Pay per Click campaign helps you achieve tangible faster results for your web site´s promotion and Internet marketing. We are experts in Google Adwords campaign management. Our team will optimize the results for your investments in paying campaigns. We only get quality traffic to your site. Your potential clients are already looking for what you offer, we make the connection.

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Internet Marketing: Stomp on Your Competiors! 27 de January de 2010

Son of a…  I mean… Good Lord!  I think I just found my Internet Marketing’s Evil Twin and I’m baffled.  Maki (the mad genius behind doshdosh.com) just found a way to gather killer blogging, a deep view of marketing and cute pictures of Anime girls (the scoundrel!).  This makes me want to either step up on my game or hunt Maki so I can eat his brain and get his superpowers.

I know this is a rather… unusual start for my blog, but I think credit must be given where it’s due and, after months of reading lame techie stuff (that leads to automatic writing of lame techie stuff), this is one of the few blogs that made me say “this is evil… I like it!”.

Now, back to our regular schedule:  Want to know how to stomp on your competition?  Here’s how.



Some SEO Urban Legends You Need to Ignore 25 de January de 2010

Search Engine Optimization is clouded underneath a shroud of mystery.  Sometimes SEO works as a Deus Ex Machina (”God Coming from a Machine”, as in those theater plots solved by the appearance of a deity hanging from a crane) that solves every single marketing problem.  Traffic to your website?  You got it, boss!  More conversions?  We have some of that!

Sales, tons of sales, millions of sales? Um… excuse me one second.  That might take a while.  Let me talk to the SEO Senior about that…

There are some things that SEO can do for your business but there are no miracles here.  Just research and good practices.  Here are some urban legends you better ignore if you don’t want to lose your money or your time.



Internet Design: Get Sales From your Site. Today. 22 de January de 2010

Intelligent web design is rendering salesmen as obsolete.

Let’s face it:  they speak in a bizarre jargon, they’re kind of slick and evolution has adapted their metabolisms to live without other food than coffee and little sugar bags when the times are rough and there are no sales.  They will survive, yes, but I ask of you:  Do they have a place in these convoluted times?

Okay, so maybe (just maybe) I’m exaggerating a little bit.  But, let’s face it: the intelligent design of a web site can help you increase sales and build a reliable and (almost) self-sustainable marketing strategy

… with the added value of not having to run into them as they reminisce that time they did a huge business.



The Importance of a Tidy Web Design 20 de January de 2010

If you think that this web design article is about the looks of a website, stop reading.  Aspect and accessibility are important aspects when it comes to navigation and the overall visitor’s experience.  We agree on that.

However, if the design of your website is messy and done in haste, trust me:  you will not only have an avalanche of bugs coming right at you, you will not only have to start the whole thing from scratch and you will not only lose time, money, patience and close relationships in the process.

Oh, no: that’s the least of your curses.



Press Release SEM

Smart Sourcing: New Internet Marketing Agency with Killer Prices

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Great service!
Satisfaction guarantee from any angle. They really took my web site to the next level and it is still growing. IlikeSEM.com developed the SEO strategy for my site, as well as Adwords campaigns and web design
-Tim Furey-

You guys are the best! You gave me the best web site I could had ever wished for. It really reflects mine and my site´s personality. Thank you very much. Great job!
-Carol Farfán-

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